Mike Soboleski Intervenes to Defend Donald Trump’s Right to Appear on the Maine Ballot

Representative Mike Soboleski’s Full Speech Intervening to defend President Trump’s Right to Appear on the Maine Ballot.

I rise to speak on behalf of the voters of Maine in opposition to the petition before us.

Our laws set forth clearly the requirements for a candidate to be placed on the ballot for the consideration of Maine voters.

Its fair and its simple – you meet these requirements, and you are on the ballot, you fail to meet these requirements and you are not.

Our people deserve an electoral process that is fair and simple, and as their elected representatives we’ve sworn an oath to protect our laws and that process.

In the case of former President Donald J. Trump, those obligations have been met.  More than 2,000 Maine Republican voters have signed his nominating petitions, and his name should appear on the ballot – in accordance with our laws.

To obstruct Mr. Trump’s access to our Presidential Ballot is to blatantly disenfranchise the voters who signed those petitions and to disenfranchise all Mainers who may CHOOSE to vote for Donald Trump, or to vote for someone else.

That’s what’s at stake here – the constitutional right of Maine Republicans to make THEIR OWN CHOICE as to who will represent our Party next November.

Clearly, the proponents of this petition don’t have a lot of faith in Maine voters – rather than allowing them to exercise their free and fair franchise, the proponents think they know better.  They think that its appropriate to use legal maneuvering, gimmicks and political tricks to deprive Maine Republicans of their choice.

Well, I respectfully disagree.  This is tantamount to cheating, plain and simple.

I’ll remind everyone one more time of the oath that we have all sworn to protect our laws, and to protect the constitutional rights of those we serve – and I respectfully ask that you deny these petitions.


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